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Is My Shirt Too Short? Mens Ideal Shirt Length

The question often arises: "Is my shirt too short?" Getting the right fit for your shirt is crucial for a polished and confident look.

Measuring Your Shirt Length

Here's how to accurately measure your shirt length:

  • The Mid-Zipper Rule: A standard guideline is for your shirt to end around the midpoint of your pants zipper. This allows your shirt to fully cover your waistband, leaving just enough fabric to tuck in comfortably. This length ensures your shirt stays tucked and maintains an aesthetically pleasing proportion.
  • The Raise Arms Test: To check if your shirt is the right length, perform the "raise arms test." When you raise your arms, your shirt should not ride up significantly. If your shirt exposes your midriff, belt, or more, it's too short.
  • Exact Measurements: If you prefer precise measurements, here's how to take them:
    • Back Length: Measure from the base of your shirt collar (where it attaches to the shirt) to the bottom hem.
    • Front Length: Measure from the midpoint of your shirt's front top button to the bottom hem.
  • Tailoring Option: If you have a favorite shirt that's too short, consider extending the length through tailoring. A skilled tailor can add fabric to the hem, saving your beloved garment.
  • Style Consideration: Keep in mind that different shirt styles may have different ideal lengths. For instance, T-shirts might have a shorter length for a casual look, while dress shirts should generally adhere to the mid-zipper guideline.
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